Friday, March 08, 2002
yay! spring break is finally hedre...thank God for helping me thru this week...had a test four out of five days...thank God indeed....
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Tuesday, March 05, 2002
*sigh* I want my own domain name, and maybe apply for web hosting. That'll be long way to go though.. might do that when I painstakingly work for my own money. Hopefully, will still be available then.....
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My bro registered the almost defunct redirection URL. So now, my site can be reached at and email at

I could get another 4 email redirections.. But I have no idea what I should put in front of the :)
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One page to read. Three post-high-school girls. Unlimited topics to talk about. This is what brings the girls together, no matter the distance. They speak their mind and occasionally rant and share about life, music, college, technological jargons, socials, bad spelling and recipes.

Deb Lim Currently residing in Grand Rapids, MI and studying some complex sounding course in Calvin College, USA. English Guru, but alas, her spelling often contradicts this fact. Nutty ever since her brain was messed up by Sze. Reads literature. Inspiring person to be with. Often incoherent yet thinks that this is a way of being creative. Perhaps she's right. You tell her.

Leng aka Jedariel

Quiet and introvert may be how she appears to most, but this is the ultimate trivia queen who rants relentlessly on well... trivial info. Rock music lover. Matrix-o-holic. Reads fantasy. Prim and proper. She thinks she is evil, but let's not believe her. Ask her just about anything in this world, and she still has an answer for you. Currently pursuing her digital design dreams in MMU.

Sze Ying
Non-conformist - or so she thinks. Designer wannabe and pseudo geek. Gung-ho but world class procrastinator and lazy bum. Jazz lover. Talks endlessly. Often corrects Deb's spelling on purpose to irk her. Used to sit next to Deb and messed up her brain. Needs moolah desperately. Be kind to her and hire her for any graphics job. Currently studying to be an animator.

Multimedia University
Calvin College
Third Time Around (Deb's)
Angst Revisited: Uninspired Lamentations (Sze Ying's)
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